OpenCoop: Unofficial expansion pack

Custom maps and Custom Monsters adapted for OpenCoop, some small fixes.
Download it now (Beta)

Custom maps

Are you looking for some new maps to play?, check out our "Maps" section.


Learn and Teach how to make Custom maps for OpenCoop, MCS, LMS 4.0, DM or just talk about Doom 3 with others.


Discord Server for Coop

Join our Discord server exclusive for Doom 3 Coop (LMS4, OpenCoop and Mars City Security)


Unofficial expansion pack trailer

You want to play some Doom 3 custom maps with friends?, there're a lot of custom maps for OpenCoop 2.0 out there, like OpenCoop mappack 2.0, InHell, Make it morning , etc...
But in this mappack we have new maps and also custom monsters. And if you're a hardcore player, there would be a hard version of (almost) every map

Release date: December 24.

The Jurassic Doom 3 Park is Open

2017 and Doom 3 isn't dead yet (not at all), and I want to put my part to keep it alive with some fresh content and also some old custom maps here.
So consider yourself welcome to the Doom 3 Park.