[WIP] Doom 3 Multiplayer Manager

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[WIP] Doom 3 Multiplayer Manager

Post by Doommarine_maxi » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:15 pm

I'm working on a Multiplayer launcher for Doom 3 in order to make more easy the process of host and join into a custom server. (Ideal to play with friends)


What can you do with this program?
  • Check your files: It will say if you have all the base files in order to play any multiplayer match.
  • Clean All: This will clean all your Doom 3, Doom 3 ROE, OpenCoop, EMZ and LMS4 files. Leaving only all the "vanilla" files, and backuping all the custom .pk4 that are not from there. (The files are moved to a folder called pk4s)
  • In Host Configuration you can select the game (Doom 3 or ROE) and mod (OpenCoop, LMS4, EMZ) you wanna use to host, also you can choose the extra .pk4s you want to use in your server.
  • Client Configuration: You can join a server from your friend just putting the code that the host gives you.

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