A place of Malice

+ Upload: 2017-12-15 21:52:38
+ Creation: 2007-03-29
+ Map Type: Cooperative
+ Game (Mod): OpenCoop (ROE)
+ Author: Zombie
+ Download Count: 4

-------- Story: -------- ~ November 15th 2145 ~ Massive invasion of Mars facilities resulting in a 99.7% death rate among researchers and personnel. It is the worst space disaster in UAC history. ~ May 1st 2146 ~ Signal found coming from Site 1 on Mars. ~ August 8th 2146 ~ New Mars EnPro facility set up, artifact found resulting in second invasion 57% death rate among researchers and personnel. UAC succeeds in stopping invasion and continues research at the EnPro facility. ~ September 8th 2146 ~ EnPro continues to grow and discover new archeological sites. In response the UAC transfers main control of the Mars facility and its resources to the Archeological Division, reducing the number of military personnel by half. ~ June 1st 2147 ~ Discoveries on Mars lead to the discovery of a large temple built into the core of Deimos, Mars’ second largest moon. Initial discovery teams were amazed to find that gravity had been simulated in the temple by use of a large gravity well made in the center of Deimos. Excavation of the new temple, code named Site D, begins. ~ March 9th 2148 ~ Almost 50% of the believed total structure has been excavated, scientist and archeologists, as well as a small military and maintenance crew, are permanently stationed on Deimos and given their own independence outside of Mars EnPro development.

Mirror #1: Stradexengine

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